Tuesday, July 16, 2019

17-Year-Old Girl Murdered By Gamer Boyfriend


With all the other shit going on, this is another story to get buried, but this particular story (among many) of men murdering their female significant others is particularly gruesome and outlines the problem of intense misogyny among male gamers. Not only because the murderer is a gamer, but because of how the rest of the male gamer community responded to the news of her death.

People are flooding Instagram with pink clouds to drown out grisly images of slain teen

Two days after the brutal murder of an upstate New York teenager, Instagram is still having trouble scrubbing its platform of gruesome images and offensive memes related to the incident. 
Bianca Devins, a 17-year-old from Utica, New York, with a large following on Instagram, was killed on Sunday morning, her throat allegedly slit by Brandon Clark, a 21-year-old she knew, according to local police. Clark allegedly uploaded photos of her bloodied body online before attempting suicide—images that quickly spread across social media sites on Sunday and Monday, leaving companies like Twitter and Facebook-owned Instagram scrambling to remove the content.

All of this is depressingly predictable, including the fact that the murderer is an adult four years older than the child he was dating and then murdered.

The murderer has been charged with second-degree murder, I'm assuming because this will be considered a crime of passion and not premeditated. Police have said that the pair were arguing before he murdered Devins, then tried to kill himself when they arrived because he was posting photos of her dead body on Discord.

I enjoy video games and have for the vast majority of my life but if it were in my power, I would destroy and outlaw all video games in existence and that might be created in the future just to punish men like this - both the ones who murder women and the ones who think this shit is somehow funny and post photos of dead bodies to upset people while the family is still stricken with grief and trying to figure out how to go on. 

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