Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Watch Out For Misinformation in Spanish on Translated Materials About ICE

So apparently some utter demon changed the information in Spanish on one of those posts offering advice to migrants for how to deal with ICE and border agents to give them bad advice. They then managed to get the bad translation circulating because so many of us well-meaning white people don't understand Spanish.


The above image is supposed to say this:

But it doesn't. Instead, it gives pretty much the opposite advice. Thanks to Tumblr blog DancingAlongTheStars for the translation:

If ICE agents come to your door: 
  • Open the door to talk to the agents. Stay calm.
  • Ask why they’re there and be cooperative.
  • If they ask to come in, invite them in. Be hospitable.
  • Answer all questions honestly.
  • Encourage(?) everybody in the house to answer their questions honestly.
  • If they ask about family, friends, or coworkers, answer their questions honestly.
  • If they ask you to sign something, read the document critically before signing. 
Your cooperation is appreciated! 
ALCU Only be honest

The fact that someone would spread bad advice that will absolutely get someone arrested and deported away from their families and maybe killed makes me so angry I could spit acid like a fucking xenomorph.

So now along with everything else, take a look at the Spanish in anything like this before you spread it around. A quick check with Google Translate shows that "abra la puerta" means "open the door," which is clearly not what it's supposed to say. In this one you might also notice that the note with the asterisk is missing in the Spanish version.

We shouldn't have to check for this but we do now. People are fucking evil. Be careful and know what you're sharing.

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