Tuesday, June 11, 2019

This is a Really Great Thread on Fatphobia

I continue to feel as though fatphobia/fat hatred is the axis of bullshit that troubles me the most. I can feel pretty great about being a woman and about being queer, and I'm kind of neutral on the mental illness I guess, but the shame of being fat is a powerful thing. I keep finding myself wishing I could be thin "like the beautiful women" I see on social media and in ads. In spite of all the body positivity, I can't shake the mentality of thin = beautiful and fat = ugly. And that mindset feels so unfeminist, adding another layer of shit.

The issue of fat hatred has been dredged up again because someone posted a photo of a fat-ish Nike mannequin and fatphobes everywhere flipped their shit, some insisting that no one who is "obese" could possibly use athletic gear in any way. This is a bizarre assertion in a culture where the go-to excuse for fat hatred is that fat people could just choose to exercise and they could easily not be fat anymore. This is false, but thin people insist in believing that fat people are entirely to blame for their weight and their fatness is a result of "laziness" or some other value judgment.

But Michelle Allison's Twitter thread on the topic of fatphobia and exercise brings it all together.

Our suffering is the point.

You can see the same kind of thing in the roots of other forms of oppression. People compartmentalize and then use these made-up categories to try and carve a sense of meaning out of existence, the vastness of which is outside of the capability of our limited brains to comprehend. People are desperate for a sense of superiority to override their sense of insignificance.

It sucks and we all need to fucking stop it.

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