Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The Best Tweets About Straight Pride

It's that time again! That magical time of year where the cis straight people come out of the woodwork to demand their own parade to celebrate uhhhhhhhh hundreds of years of being seen as normal and oppressing LGBT+ people? Anyway, this year, someone in Boston, who is of course a white supremacist, is seeking a permit for a straight pride parade. The jokes almost make this shit worth it.

Here's my personal contribution to the effort:

Are too many of my joke references to the Fairly Odd Parents? Nah.

Another cool thing, both Smash Mouth and the bassist from Blink-182 are supporting the dunking on Straight Pride efforts.

They're not exactly good bands, but I'm pretty sure these are straight dude staples, so it's super funny. Happy Pride.

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