Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Solidarity With the #WayfairWalkout

I'm exhausted today so I'm gonna make this quick. If you haven't heard, Wayfair employees found out that the multi-billion dollar company they work for took $200,000 to supply a new concentration camp for migrant teens with shitty beds and bedding and over 500 of them signed a letter asking them to not do so in the future and donate the profits of the sale to RAICES. Wayfair responded with a polite but resounding "lol no."

So, walkout.

Thank you, Wayfair employees, for risking your jobs to stand up for undocumented migrants and against the growing number of concentration camps on U.S. soil. Wayfair responded to the walkout by bragging about donations to charity (which they get to write off on their taxes) and saying they'll donate $100,000 to the Red Cross, which doesn't help stop concentration camp construction or provide anything to the kids or adults within. In fact, lack of funds and supplies is not the problem. These kids arrive with things like soap and toothbrushes, which are confiscated because the cruelty is the point and dirty kids are more likely to be viewed as less than human.

Also, fuck you, Tomi Lahren and anyone else saying that Wayfair employees want people in the concentration camps to sleep on the ground. THEY ALREADY DO. I wouldn't be surprised if the Wayfair beds and bedding were redirected or resold for profit by the people running the camps because they don't give fuck one for the comfort of the kids they're imprisoning.

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