Friday, June 7, 2019

Reinstate Dave Muritu, Sandwell College of Further and Higher Education

It strikes me how low my chances were of coming across a Twitter post about this, because even after two days it hadn't yet reached 70 retweets, but I'm glad I saw it. Apparently, a black man was fired from his position as a lecturer at the Sandwell College of Further and Higher Education in the U.K. for writing the word "racist" on a school poster. 

Blogged: No racism, no victimisation. Reinstate Dave Muritu. #ReinstateDave

The extensive post on the issue didn't say exactly what Dave Muritu found to be racist about the poster, but I would hope we could all agree that it's ridiculous to be fired for that. As the post explains, this was not a pattern of behavior. Rather, it sounds more like retaliation from corporate-minded "education managers" frightened by Muritu's strengthening of the school's union and responsibility for labor victories. 

Since Dave arrived at Sandwell College in 2013 the UCU branch he is secretary of has grown considerably. Collectively, the branch have achieved a number of victories. They’ve had pay increments put back after years of stasis, gained considerable extra holiday, and fought off punitive lesson policy.

This, plus of course the fact that Muritu is a black man.

This cause needs support. Nobody should be fired for writing "racist" on a poster that was probably racist, because if a black equality activist thinks something is racist then IT'S FUCKING RACIST AND WE WHITE PEOPLE SHOULD PAY ATTENTION rather than use this as an excuse to fire him. 

I mean, just listen to this bullshit:

On Wednesday 29th May, during the half term holiday, my partner Dave Muritu was summarily dismissed as a Maths lecturer by Sandwell College of Further and Higher Education, where a senior manager ruled that he was guilty of gross misconduct. 
The gross misconduct in question was writing in pen, on a Prevent poster, the word “racist”. Although he owned up to having done it and apologised, this writing on a single piece of paper, according to the ruling manager, was “serious damage to college property” – the seriousness comprising of the “potential to bring the college into disrepute” and the use of “inappropriate language“ –  the word “racist”.

Gross misconduct? Inappropriate language? Serious damage? Man, imagine if cops were held to this high of a standard.

I'm not familiar with labor laws in the U.K., but even over here in union-hating central, we have laws against clear workplace retaliation against union activity. Does Sandwell get a pass because the union leader they fired is a black man? I say "fuck no."

Spread this around however you can and check the end of the post for more ways you can help. Stand with Dave Muritu, who sounds like an awesome person. 

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