Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Jewish Voices On Concentration Camps


Okay, I've had my coffee and some ibuprofen (because I woke up with a wicked tension headache, anxiety sucks) and my brain is working a little better now. Also, Twitter has had time to start discussing the "are the current migrant prison camps concentration camps" issue and Jewish people are here to explain this to us Gentiles so I don't need panic-rant.

Also, there's the entire fact that this isn't the first time we've had concentration camps in this country. This whole thread is important:

If there's one thing to never forget it's that Hitler gained much of his inspiration for what he did to Jewish people and the rest of the Holocaust victims from how the U.S. treated Native Americans and Black people.

Conservative bullshit aside, I'm really super glad AOC is talking about this. I just hope conservatives are not entirely successful in sweeping aside the current suffering of migrants with their condemnation of a term they love to use to describe the existence of abortion.

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