Wednesday, June 19, 2019

I Hate This


Can you predict the subject of this blog post from the trigger warnings?

You've probably already heard that Lord Dampnut declared a mass deportation effort will begin next week. What this might look back is something I don't want to imagine, but for reference we can probably look back through several parts of U.S. history. I didn't think I would live through one of them but I was naive enough to wish to live through interesting times when I was younger so.

What happened to that unnamed Honduran woman has undoubtedly happened before. Many times. And it will happen again. I hate that we have to use and spread a woman's pain to try and get people to understand what this policy does to people and I especially hate that many of them do understand and don't care. I hate it.

I have, of course, tried to explain to conservatives that this is what will happen to women we deport from the U.S. I have stated again and again that if we deport the human beings who fled here to escape rape and murder, they will be raped and murdered. And again and again I see how they will do anything to avoid thinking about or acknowledging that refugees flee from their homes for good reason. Most of us wouldn't leave our familiar homes close to our families for a better job within our own country. Nobody's walking across all of Mexico to live in a largely hostile foreign country because they can make more money here. If they do so to help their families survive its because their situation is truly desperate and such a sacrifice should be admired, not punished.

But many of today's migrants are not the old picture of the Latine man coming here to make money to send back to his family, though that's good enough for me. Many of these people are fleeing here, and many of them are women fleeing with their children, and deportation is condemning them to terrible fates. Deportation is beyond cruel. I don't give one single fuck if the U.S. government says it's "illegal" for anyone to come here. Lots of shit is illegal. You jaywalk because it's slightly more convenient to do so than to walk to the crosswalk and both are misdemeanors in many parts of the country.

But why am I preaching to the choir? The people who support deportation and support Lord Dampnut don't care, they want these people gone because they're not white. If they end up dead, all the better, right?

I will stand between any migrant and ICE and I hope you will too. If we don't, this will keep happening.

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