Thursday, June 13, 2019

Help Sudan and Hong Kong


There's always gallons of awful news just gushing out of the U.S. in rates I can't keep up with even when I'm unemployed, but right now there are also some pretty scary things going on outside of this disaster country that need attention and aren't getting it.

First of all, Sudan is at a serious crisis point when it comes to human rights and freedom. The news that we are hearing about is pretty gruesome. If you look into what's going on in Sudan right now, prepare for news about mass rapes.

What's going on in Sudan and what the US is doing about it -- explained

A year ago, a military coup ousted the authoritarian dictator Omar al-Bashir to the joy of the populace, but as often happens with military coups, the military is reluctant to give up its new power, and protests happened, and now there are human rights abuses all over the place. U.N. experts are calling Sudan a "human rights abyss."

There are several things you can do to help, just remember that certain charities are shit and I'm not sure about donating directly to the U.N., as some are suggesting. The U.N. has their own human rights problems.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong protest: police fire teargas at demonstrators – as it happened

The above is a kind of live blog of the protests, but what the protests are about is explained in a Tumblr post, which is how I found out about this.

Recently, over a million of people are protesting against the Extradition Law. It was an extremely-almost-impossible fight and many students are injured horribly by the police force. I WAS THERE. 
If the extradition law is passed, which means that China can “took” anyone from Hong Kong back to China as “prisoners”. Oh you don’t wanna know what China will do to those innocent people … 
The government is forcing the law on us. We couldn’t do this on our own. We need more attention from other countries. Please spread this message out.

There's been a lot of awful shit going on in China and the government has never wanted to let Hong Kong have any independence. This law would not only bring them closer to retaking the city, it would expose many people who are there to hide from the oppressive government to, well, like the OP said, you don't wanna know.

reducto1art just wants the news to be spread, and I'm not yet seeing any recommended charities and human rights organizations to donate to, but you can always also contact your representatives about this. I'm not optimistic about the idea of the U.S. pressuring China to leave Hong Kong alone but you never know?

Solidarity to non-fascist humans everywhere. Keep fighting, I see you, and I love you.

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