Monday, June 17, 2019

2020 Challenger Lineup: Tim Ryan

Welp, back to the indistinct white dudes.

If you don't remember who Tim Ryan is, because I sure didn't, he's the representative from Ohio who tried to unseat Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. Personally I would have loved to have seen someone new as Speaker especially because she's the kind of Democrat who would, you know, refuse to start impeachment proceedings on Trump because ???????? but would Tim Ryan have been any better? Let's see.

Well his Wikipedia pages have even less on his positions than they did on Messam, who has officially not been invited to participate in the debates.

Ryan's story is that he decided to run for President after coming from "a long line of laborers" and then one day his daughter called him upset because her friend's dad was laid off after a GM plant closed. Soooo uhhhhhhh let's fix the country!

How? Something something invest in the economy. I dunno. He seems to support striking teachers, at least, he calls healthcare a right and says he helped pass the ACA and that he's supported Medicare for All for over a decade. He calls climate change "one of the greatest existential threats facing our planet." He then talks about food deserts, which is good, and mentions obesity, which bleh but expected. He speaks out against subsidies for massive farming corporations and wants to give more to small farmers.

He also has a video titled "teaching mindfulness" which piques my interest but I'm not going to watch a four-minute campaign video Tim.

He then has a link on his campaign page that says "Transparency" which brings you to ten years of his tax returns.

Based on recent statement, he seems to oppose the current U.S. aggression toward Iran. According to Axios, he's pro-choice after years of being pro-life, is against cutting taxes as a blanket solution, want to reduce mandatory minimums and is pro-police body cameras, and recently donated the money he got from the NRA to a gun control organization.

Based on all this, it looks like Tim Ryan might be marginally better than Nancy Pelosi but not much. Again, there's not much on him, but I guess I'll go ahead and rate him a C-. He gets penalized because he does seem like an opportunist and I don't trust him. Aside from his supposed long-term support of Medicare for All or at least the ideas behind it, he seems like a standard Democrat in favor of reforms that don't do nearly enough.

Mostly he's rated a yawn.

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