Thursday, May 16, 2019

To The Vast Majority Of Pro-Lifers: You've Been Had


Yes, Alabama passed a total abortion ban, and yes, you should expect that to be coming to every red state in the country soon. But how many people actually want total abortion bans?

The answer is about the same number of people who don't like ice cream.

Alabama Bill at Odds With Public Consensus on Abortion

That's from Gallup. You know, the one that does all those polls? They found that the vast majority of Americans, including those who erroneously call themselves "pro-life," favor allowing abortion under at least some circumstances.

At the same time, there are two important areas of consensus that have typically been respected in U.S. abortion laws. One involves protecting abortion rights when pregnancy endangers a woman's life. The other is keeping abortion legal when pregnancy is caused by rape or incest. 
According to Gallup's 2018 abortion survey, not only do most Americans as a whole favor these protections, but so do majorities of pro-life Americans -- 71% for the endangered woman's life exception and 57% for cases of rape or incest.

Data For Progress created this handy map showing that in every single state, including Alabama, support for total abortion bans doesn't reach 30%. Anywhere.

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Not a hint of green on that map. Nope.

So if total abortion bans are so unpopular, why did one pass in Alabama?

Well, this should clue Alabama citizen in to the fact that YOUR "REPRESENTATIVES" DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU AND DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK AND DON'T ACTUALLY REPRESENT YOU AT ALL. This is also yet another among many signs that abortion is not about what people want and not about "saving babies." It's about power and control, it's about keeping the poor poor, it's about keeping women down and less likely to vote. It's about making more black women dead or in prison, and putting more black men in prison so they can be forced into slave labor. Watch as the backlash against the movement to let felons vote grows.

This is about regaining control from the common people and concentrating ever more power and wealth into the hands of a few privileged wealthy white men.

You can tell it's not about saving babies even in the way that so many people are okay with "killing babies" when that "baby" threatens the life of the mother or is conceived via rape/incest. If someone really thoughts of a fetus, an embryo, or a zygote as a baby with all the rights and value of a born baby, then it wouldn't matter how that baby was conceived, and it wouldn't even matter if the baby threatened the life of the mother. Would you be okay with killing an already-born baby that was conceived via rape/incest? No? Then why is it okay to kill something you view as the same under the same circumstances? What if, for some reason, a born baby threatened a mother's life? Maybe via post-partum depression or simple poverty? Is it okay to kill that baby? No? Why?

The answer is that they don't view a zygote as being the same as a baby and nobody really does. And we shouldn't because miscarriages, or the body's way of aborting an embryo or fetus because conditions are not ideal, happen at least 25% of the time after pregnancy begins. That number is definitely low because miscarriages can happen without the pregnant person even being aware of pregnancy and when they happen in the first trimester, and most do, they can appear to be just a heavy period. 

The point is that most people who call themselves "pro-life" are fooling themselves. And the so-called "pro-life" politicians are either fooling themselves or are promoting something they don't even believe in at all in order to manipulate people.

How often does this happen?

It happens a lot, is the answer.

Dear Most Pro-Lifers,

You've been had.

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