Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Washington Post Hates Progressive Candidates

So it's no secret that I kind of hate the Washington Post. I didn't like them even before I found out it's owned by Darth Bezos and before it started telling me every time that I'm "out of free articles" no matter what day of the month I try to look at their fucking articles because I wasn't paying attention to the outlet or because I'm working. It's always been clear that they're pure capitalists who are dedicated to preserving the status quo no matter how many people it kills. Having the tagline "democracy dies in darkness" isn't fooling anyone.

Especially because they keep publishing hit pieces on actually progressive presidential candidates. How many have they done on Bernie now? I've lost count, but now they're trying to go after Liz, and this is all they could come up with:

Haha no way I'm actually linking to WaPo in this article. But seriously, that headline? "While teaching, Elizabeth Warren worked on more than 50 legal matters, charging as much as $675 an hour"?


How is this? News?

Even if you argued that they buried the lede here and the real story is that Liz used to advise companies like Dow Chemical, that was "in the mid 90s." What the authors of this shitty article apparently missed even though it's information you can find on her Wikipedia page, which is what I did when profiling Liz as part of my 2020 Challenger Lineup series, is that she used to be a conservative Republican, switched parties in 1995 because she got fed up with Republican hypocrisy and lies, and has been electric-sliding left ever since.

Now Republicans are gonna use this article to attack Liz after defending Brett "I'm A Rapist" Kavanaugh because "it was a long time ago" that he sexually assaulted and tried to rape Dr. Ford.

Remember when it came to light that Hillary Clinton defended an accused rapist when she was working as a public defender and kinda laughed about it during an interview? The Washington Post defended her. And they should have, because she clearly wasn't laughing at the victim or laughing off the situation but rather made an offhand "this is fucked up" joke because she clearly didn't want to defend the guy. But while WaPo is happy to defend neoliberals like Hillary, they publish hit pieces on Bernie and Warren. So fuck 'em.

And as always, fuck Jeff Bezos.

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