Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Sandra Bland Took Video Of Her Arrest And We're Just Finding Out Now

I hope you remember Sandra Bland. She was, I believe, the original "say her name" woman who was pulled over for failing to use her blinker, and because she was annoyed about it, the white cop arrested her. After three days in jail, she was found dead in her cell. Her death was ruled a suicide despite the fact that she had been showing no signs of suicidal ideation and had just gotten an awesome new job.

That was almost four years ago, and it's only thanks to investigative journalists that we're finding out this video exists. The following video shows the police yelling and threatening to taze Bland, then demanding she "get off the phone" after she gets out of the car on his command.

This is so clearly a case of white cop feeling threatened by the existence of a black woman and nothing more. This is pure white supremacy and misogynoir at work. There was so clearly no reason for this asshole to fear for his safety. He arrested her for nothing and she was murdered to cover it up.

The arresting officer was indicted on perjury charges for the bullshit line that he dragged Bland out of her car in order to "more safely conduct a traffic investigation," but even those charges were dropped because prosecutors weren't 100% sure they could get a conviction. Trooper Brian Encinia is now banned from being a cop forever (supposedly), but has remained a free man with no criminal record.

However, Bland's family is demanding that the case be re-opened in light of this new evidence that the cops hid from the public. Why doesn't the entire department get in huge trouble for covering up key evidence? Because they're cops and cops get away with anything except exposing the crimes of their fellow officers? Right.

Re-open the case. Someone needs to answer for the murder of Sandra Bland.

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