Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Recommended Reading

There's so much fucking bullshit going on in the United Disasters of America that I'm in 100% done mode and I think I'm gonna take a long walk in the nice weather while I can before the wildfire smoke forces me to stay inside all summer, but here is a really important article that I think everyone should read:

What Happened After My 13-Year-Old Son Joined the Alt-Right

You gotta just read the whole thing but I do want to say that I think schools do need to take serious action to protect female students when sexual harassment is reported and I believe the unnamed female student who reported the sexual harassment because even if she misunderstood the actual words or the intent, she still felt unsafe and that matters. I don't believe this was a case of a "false accusation." However, there are two key things we can learn from this story.

  1. Don't treat children like criminals and keep cops out of schools. "Sam" in this case was traumatized by school administrators telling him he committed a crime and treating him like a hardened adult criminal rather than a 13-year-old boy whom the school and society failed to teach not to commit sexual harassment, even accidentally.
  2. Do treat children seriously. Were we not all teens desperate for adults to treat us like our thoughts, opinions, and feelings actually mattered only to be dismissed and treated like weren't even fully human? Didn't we all hate that? That's because it's dehumanizing and awful. A 13-year-old is not an adult but he is a human being and his feelings are valid and his life and mental health matters. 

If "Sam" had not been treated like a criminal by his school and then had his feelings dismissed by his parents, I'm betting he would not have lost those two years in the sewers of the internet.

Treat teens better. I don't care if you like kids or not, treat them well. Respect them and their humanity. Because they fucking GROW INTO ADULTS. That is all.

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