Friday, May 10, 2019



I put the headline in all caps because I'm really feeling like the vast majority of people in the U.S. aren't getting it. The all caps is meant to convey a frantic, screechy, on-the-verge-of-panic tone.

I woke up today to this fucking shit:

Trump White House revokes press access; will grant 'exemptions' as it sees fit

I was part of a mass purge of “hard pass” holders after the White House implemented a new standard that designated as unqualified almost the entire White House press corps, including all seven of The Post’s White House correspondents. White House officials then chose which journalists would be granted “exceptions.” It did this over objections from news organizations and the White House Correspondents’ Association.

The Washington Post article that Daily Kos is quoting here came out two days ago and I only heard about it because of Daily Kos this morning. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that all Washington Post content is behind a fucking paywall now lmfao. Seriously, even on the first day of the month, any time I try to read anything from WaPo it's like "HEY FUCK YOU GIVE ME MONEY."

Do you want to warn us about this giant step toward fascist dictatorship or?

And yeah, that's what this is. Trump just mass-purged journalists from the White House except for a privileged few? And you know the exceptions are all from Breitbart and Fox News. This is not just shitting on freedom of the press and wantonly kicking transparency out on its ass. This is the creating of state media - news that will only publish and report shit that is supportive of the president. This is Dictatorship 101.

I don't want to be that person but at the same time why the fuck aren't people freaking out about this oh my god I'm going to go sit in the shower and cry, this country is doomed okay we are going to have a dictatorship under Trump, when he cancels the 2020 elections I'm gonna say I told you so and that'll be the last time you hear from me because I'll be dragged out of my apartment in the middle of the night and thrown into a secret journalist prison so enjoy my frantic rantings while you can assholes.

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