Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Headline of the Month

Not everything is bad. Over in the U.K., fed-up leftists and young people are done letting racist, fascist assholes parade around the streets without a little reminder of their vulnerability.

Nigel Farage 'held hostage on Brexit party bus surrounded by milkshake-holding protesters'

If you haven't heard, there has been a growing trend, or perhaps movement, of people in the U.K. throwing fast food milkshakes onto nazis preaching their hate in the street and other white supremacists, including Nigel Farage, a well-known racist assbucket and current leader of the Brexit party.

This is just amazing. There's nothing illegal about holding a milkshake or standing around a campaign bus. But the threat of the humiliation of being covered in ice cream kept him from doing what he wanted to do. Because rich politicians can't stand the thought of their overpriced suits getting stains on them.

It's just so goddamn funny that this shithead felt like he was being "held hostage" because he can't handle being hit with some milky deliciousness. I guess then keep your ugly suits and your poisonous rhetoric inside your gilded chariot and fuck off, Nigel.

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