Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Get Ready To Support Pregnant People In Conservative States

I hate to do this, but we need to face facts that Roe v. Wade is soon going to be overturned, and all those horrific anti-choice bills will be allowed to stand and many more will follow. Those of us living in blue states will be safe, but Georgia's bill already includes a provision that allows for the prosecution of pregnant people who cross state lines to obtain an abortion, and even without that, traveling across state lines can be too difficult for those living in poverty or living paycheck to paycheck.

Those of us who can need to be ready to open our homes to pregnant people who need an abortion. Washington State residents, our neighbors in Idaho will need us. They'll need a place to stay after the long journey where they can be safe and cared for before and possibly after the procedure.

And, of course, be ready to open your wallets in order to pay for the missed work days that these individuals will suffer in order to travel long distances just to get some necessary healthcare. 

We'll need to do this until the Supreme Court can be re-balanced, which honestly might be never if some things don't drastically change.

Depending on how certain laws are written, we may need to prepare to do this all in secrecy or code. I'm not sure yet how that will look but we need to ensure nobody we help is arrested for getting an abortion across state lines. It's possible we could even be prosecuted in the future for helping this happen. 

This is all very horrific to face but if we can mentally prepare ourselves ahead of time, we'll be more ready to support our neighbors in the future. I am very much convinced that most if not all of the above will become a reality very soon.

Hell country will be hell country, you know. Fuck this place.

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