Friday, May 17, 2019

Abortion is About Bodily Autonomy

There are a lot of ways to get sucked down bad avenues when it comes to abortion debates. Yes, contraception fails, but people who used zero contraception during sex still need access to abortions. Yes, not everyone who gets pregnant consented to sex, but everyone who consents still needs access to abortions. Abortion is a human right everyone is entitled to, yes, ENTITLED, because bodily autonomy is an essential, fundamental right.

Everyone will agree to this if you frame it outside of the abortion debate. Do you have the right to not be touched if you don't want to be touched? Yes! That's bodily autonomy. Should people be forced to give blood against their will? No! That's some horrifying Mad Max shit that we can all agree violates bodily autonomy and is bad. Most people will even agree that nobody should be forced to be an organ donor upon their death because some people are skeeved out by the idea even though you won't give a single fuck what happens to your body when you're dead, because you'll be dead. And yet, you have to check a special box when applying for your driver's license to become an organ donor, even though living people who have already been born and who desperately need an organ because one of their's has failed.

Do pregnant people have fewer rights than dead bodies?

This is the argument we need to be pressing. Nothing else really matters. Responsibility, contraception access, the absurd expectation of celibacy for anyone who doesn't want kids - none of that actually matters because bodily autonomy is a fundamental right of every human being.

A human baby could be dying of blood loss right in front of you, and you cannot be compelled to give that baby your blood even if you and that baby happen to have a very rare blood type and that baby WILL DIE if you deny your blood to that baby. It is legal to say no to giving that baby blood and nobody in the history of the U.S. has ever tried to pass a bill compelling people to give blood, let alone classifying the refusal to do so as murder.

So why is it different when it comes to pregnant people and embryos/fetuses?

It's not, actually. Some asshole conservatives a few decades ago just decided to frame the idea of abortion as HORRIBLE BABY MURDER in order to manipulate Christians into getting political so that they could get more votes. Jump to today.

Please propose the blood-giving scenario to every anti-choicer you encounter. This is the core of the need for full abortion access.

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