Thursday, April 4, 2019

Whatever Happens With the Mueller Report, Don't Be a Dick

So like, I haven't talked much at all about the Mueller report because I personally did not expect it to be our saving grace, and I don't trust Mueller himself because he's still a Republican. However, it has annoyed the hell out of me how much mainstream media outlets and many people who should have known better have repeatedly declared the Mueller investigation to be over, repeated the line that no evidence of collusion was found, and acted like William Barr is anything but a tool designed to lie about the Muller report. Because all of that is inaccurate.

This report, which Democrats may or may not be able to obtain without all the important/incriminating bits redacted, might be something or might be nothing. I personally do hope that whatever's in there can be a stepping stone to nailing Trump to the fucking wall, but I'm not holding my breath.

But what I really want to talk about here is the leftists - the socialists, communists, anarchists, and general actual left-of-liberal leftists - being dicks about all this. I've seen them, too, acting as though the above inaccurate information is true. And they've used that to dump on the liberals who were hoping against hope that this would save us from Trump. I saw one person literally declare that everyone should go and laugh in a liberal's face.

That's just gross. Yes, liberals are naive and remain supporting a system that might just kill us all. But I dunno, I used to be one, so I get it. It's hard to break out of the mental mold we were all subjected to growing up. I'm not here to say that we have to treat every liberal with kid gloves, but why do you want to go and be a big dick to a bunch of people who felt dejected after William Barr released his tiny little lying summary? This isn't even about trying to get liberals onto our side by always being nice to them, because that argument makes me feel utterly exhausted every time.

Just, like, don't be a dick to people who have been tricked into thinking the system works for them? This is certainly a wonderful opportunity to point out that the system is evil to the core and won't save them. They're not actively being oppressive by believing in the propaganda we all had shoved down our throats as kids. They're just deeply disappointed when they're also believing something that we leftists should see as an obvious lie, that being the Barr summary.

Members of Mueller's team are now saying that the recently released report is much harder on Trump than Barr made it seem. So you can put away your self-righteousness either way.

Personally, I feel like being a true leftist means caring about people at the end of the day, being understanding and wanting to help people, not shit on them at every opportunity. Save that for the many white supremacists out there. There's no shortage of targets for your bitterness, as earned as it may be. You're not better than anyone else just because you've lost the capacity to hope.

I know I dump on liberals myself sometimes, but I'm not gonna go after them for having faith in the system. It sucks when you don't anymore, and it's honestly hard for me to wish that loss of faith on anyway, even if it's necessary. I still sometimes hope that I'm all wrong about everything and reform really can work. Sometimes imagining Trump getting arrested to be thrown in prison for life is all that keeps me going. At the end of the day I'm going to keep trying to push people father left, because yes that is absolutely what I'm doing, and I'm not always going to be nice about it. But I hope I never end up being an entirely self-righteous dick about it.

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