Wednesday, April 3, 2019

U.S. Border Patrol Accused of Torture This is Torture

Which step in the path to genocide is torturing your internment camp victims?

U.S. Border Patrol Accused of Forcing Migrant Families Sleeping Outside to Wake Up and Stand Every Three Hours

The complaint details a series of alleged abuses reported to ACLU lawyers by former detainees at the site, now shut down, including migrant families being forced to sleep on rocky terrain for up to four nights in temperatures that dropped into the 30s, with only Mylar sheets to protect them. It also alleges that asylum seekers were forced to wake up every three hours and stand in what Texas Monthly magazine called a "sleep deprivation tactic."

That is absolutely a sleep deprivation tactic commonly used as a part of "advanced interrogation techniques" which is another way to say TORTURE THIS IS TORTURE.

Wikipedia's entry on sleep deprivation, under its "uses" section, lists both "interrogation" and "abusive control." It's also definitely a standard brainwashing technique. As though it wasn't bad enough that they penned up hundreds of migrants under a fucking bridge, though after widespread outrage they've finally moved those poor people into a different pen full of overcrowded tents. But ummmm are they still torturing them or what?

Seriously, why are we allowing this? What type of distraction do we need and what caliber of wire cutters? Break them out. Stop the genocide.

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