Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Today's Bullshit Lineup


I accidentally slept in way later than I intended to and am just now getting to the blog, as you can tell, so here are three things I've come across today alone that I fucking hate. Enjoy!

Dallas Charges Black Woman Beaten Unconscious By White Racist With A Felony, Lawyer Says

Did you see that horrific video of the white man brutally assaulting a black woman after she shoved him because he slapped the phone out of her hand and called her the n-word and wouldn't stop getting all up in her face? Well, it took mass protests to get the cops to charge that guy with more than a misdemeanor, and now the fucking city is trying to charge the victim with felony damage to a racist piece of shit's pickup truck.

They're accusing her of damaging the truck after the assault. When, exactly? When she was unconscious? There is no truck visible in the video. Do they think she tracked him down later and damaged his truck for revenge? Sounds like serious bullshit to me.

Next up:

Washington prisons ban donated books from nonprofits

If you're like me, your first reaction might have been to ask "FUCKING WHY??" The answer is something something contraband.

"The problem, according to the state’s policy memo, is that mail room staff don’t have time to properly inspect all the books for contraband."

Please explain to me what kind of contraband problems are coming from books donated by non-profits that can't be sorted out by taking the books by the spine and giving them a hearty shake.

Sounds like this is just another way to fuck over prisoners, who are, and I'm sick of feeling like I have to remind people of this, HUMAN BEINGS.

Oh, but you can just take books you want to donate directly to the prisons! Why are books taken to prisons by any random person less likely to have contraband in them? Also, no one is going to do that. Prisons are always out in the boonies. The closest prison to me is out in Monroe, and I'm lucky. There's also one in Aberdeen, one in someplace called Swede Hill, and one someone in the middle of the Capitol State Forest?

Or you can bring them to the Washington State Library headquarters! In fucking Tumwater. Literally the town I use when I'm complaining that rent is getting so high that I'm going to have to move out to the sticks.

But god forbid anyone try to get high (or worse, educated) in the worst kind of facility imaginable, right?

Lastly, and this one comes with a strong trigger warning for rape, police brutality, kidnapping, murder, and whorephobia:

Women Describe How A Columbus Vice Cop Pressured Them to Trade Sex for Rent

It's all horrible, and all I have to say about this is abolish the police. Because as long as you're giving guns and nearly unlimited power to any rando who goes through a bit of training and a clearly inadequate psych exam, you're going to get shit like this. All the time.

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