Friday, April 19, 2019

This Is Why No One Likes Establishment Democrats


So, the Mueller report. Lots of opinions on it. I'm not a lawyer and I am not confident that if I did try to slog through the 400 pages, I would understand the implications of most of it. However, a lot of people are saying it's a roadmap to impeaching Trump, and it very clearly states that Trump is NOT exonerated. So he'll be indicted as soon as he leaves office. Oh fuck, that means he has all the more motivation to end free elections.

Okay well that makes me even angrier at the establishment Democrats who are saying that it's just not worth it to impeach Trump because the Republican-controlled Senate will never go for it!

Can I ask you something? Did you really think that you were the only ones who knew what actual impeachment is, or did you not know?

A lot of average Americans don't know this, but impeachment does not mean removal from office. In a presidential impeachment, the House alone votes to impeach. If they vote in favor of it, the decision of whether this means the President should be removed from office goes to the Senate. This is why Bill Clinton was indeed impeached but was still able to finish his second term as President.

That, of course, leads me to point out that Republicans had no problem impeaching Bill Clinton regardless of the fact that they did not have the necessary supermajority votes in the Senate to get him removed. And in their eyes, that was over him lying about a blowjob. (In my eyes, Bill Clinton should have been impeached, removed from office, and indicted for taking advantage of a young woman he had an incredible amount of power over in an act that is arguably rape. But that doesn't change the fact that Republicans would never consider that rape and so they impeached him for one single lie about a sex act and many of the same Republicans are now supporting a pathological liar who admitted to serial sexual assault on tape.)

Would Trump ever be removed from office without a Democratic supermajority in the Senate? Hell no. Republicans don't have values or souls or anything like that. But do these establishment Democrats really think there is no value in impeachment? Why are they so against it that they are willing to mislead the American public about what impeachment is? Do they really have no desire to put impeachment upon Trump's legacy, making him another Nixon?

What are they out for? Still hoping to hang on to some favor from Republicans?

Alex Pareen of the New Republican is of the opinion that they're gutless. And racist.

Democratic leadership seemingly believes that the party can’t let its candidates campaign on promises to materially improve the lives of voters while also letting its elected officials carry out the responsibilities of their offices. They also believe, deep in their bones, that the country is not on their side. They believe going after Trump too directly will stir his mighty base, rather than imagining that full and transparent investigations into his various fraudulent and corrupt activities may demoralize his staunchest supporters—just as Trump himself was demoralized at the prospect of Mueller’s investigation—while also persuading those people who aren’t already in the cult of MAGA that this administration, and the party that abets it, need to be soundly defeated. 
Once again, we can celebrate a modern example of bipartisanship: a deep conviction, on both sides, that the only legitimate force in American politics is white grievance.

Fuckin' HIT EM Alex.

Honestly, why do these centrist, establishment Democrats think they deserve a single vote from anyone? I cannot wait until Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are old enough to run for President.

Anyway, I'm very tired and looking forward to a weekend of getting fuuuuuuuuuuuuucked up happy 4/20 blaze it get really high and contemplate how the Earth is only a tiny speck in a massive universe so it doesn't matter if you spend the whole day getting high.

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