Tuesday, April 16, 2019

This is Horrible in Like Eight Different Ways


This story manages to combine so many of the issues that face both trans kids and women/girls, it would be impressive if it wasn't so terrible.

Girl expelled for kneeing boy in crotch during anti-trans Snapchat ‘protest’, family says

Okay so, a trans boy at a high school in Alaska took a selfie in the boys' locker room, where he belongs. Some transphobic cis boys from the same school saw the selfie online and got mad because transphobia and decided to stage a "protest" by invading the girls' locker room to take selfies. When the lead boy entered the girls' locker room, he immediately encountered a girl who, probably alarmed and outraged at the violation of privacy, kneed him right in the crotch in self-defense. Instead of punishing the mob of cis boys committing a deliberate act of sexual harassment in the name of transphobia, the school expelled the cis girl who defended herself.

Let's list all the things wrong here.

  1. General transphobia
  2. Misgendering
  3. Failure to protect a trans student via failure to punish a transphobic act (the boys were punished for trying to enter the girls' locker room but not for transphobia)
  4. Sexual harassment
  5. Punishing a girl for defending herself from boys - misogyny
  6. Showing boys that their victims punished if they commit acts of sexual violation - rape culture
  7. Miscarriage of justice
  8. Denying a girl an education

You can contact the North Pole High School at (907) 488-3761 and/or the school district on Facebook and Twitter.

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