Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Roger Stone is Broke as a Joke

Even if Donald Trump is never indicted for his crimes and attempted crimes, and I'm 100% sure he will be, thanks in part to the Mueller report, the fact that all this has destroyed Roger Stone honestly makes it all worthwhile.

Broke Roger Stone Is Speaking for Money at a Strip Club

I feel like this article relies on some whorephobia maybe, but every other article from every other outlet I looked at does, too, unfortunately. Still the fact that Roger Stone, who was previously some kind of untouchable entity of pure political sleaze, has to speak at anything less than a mid-size auditorium is pretty amazing. And the mere fact that is is broke as a joke is just mmmmm.

Stone has fallen on hard financial times since he was arrested on federal charges late last year. President Trump’s long-time political adviser is currently awaiting trial on several counts relating to his alleged communications with WikiLeaks during the 2016 election. After pleading not guilty, he was let out on a $250,000 bond. That and lawyers’ fees have rendered him effectively bankrupt, he says.

He's apparently not so broke that he can't afford to hire the Proud Boys as his personal misogynistic security force. Either that or they're doing it for free because they're just that terrible.

Thankfully, local antifa activists are working to deny Stone of any space to spread his toxicity, including at this local strip club. Indeed, men like him and the "Proud Boys" should not be allowed anywhere near sex workers. I don't care if no sex workers are going to be at the event, just having them skulking around where sex workers work makes me uneasy.

It took way too long for Roger Stone to get what was coming to him, being one of the main dudes who helped Richard Nixon commit crimes while president, but this is so beautiful that it almost makes me want to believe in the just world fallacy.

I won't, though.

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