Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Headline of the Month

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...

Bald eagles are taking trash from a Seattle landfill and dumping it into suburban yards

It is raining trash in the suburbs of Seattle. Or, rather, bald eagles – around 200 of them – are dropping trash into people's yards every day, and the suburbanites are not happy.

The trash – including a blood-filled biohazard container that landed in one lucky resident's yard – is coming from a nearby landfill that takes in two tons of fresh trash a day. The bald eagles pick out the juicy morsels of food found in the landfill, and then discard the junk that they don't want in the nearby neighborhoods.

There is something so beautifully poetic about the symbol of freedom in our nation picking up trash from our giant human trash piles and dropping them into the yards of people rich enough to own houses in the city of Seattle.

The city is now trying to think of ways to keep the birds out of the trash with netting or something. It's also poetic, or maybe just fucked up, that the place viewed as being so liberal and so green has a giant landfill "filled to capacity" decades ago but not set to be closed until 2040, getting two tons of trash added to it every day, and now we want to disrupt what has become new bald eagle habitat because the birds are dropping garbage back on the humans.

Remember when China stopped taking most U.S. recyclables and now most of it is simply being dumped in landfills? Why are we allowed to have nukes again?

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