Thursday, April 18, 2019

Facebook Teams Up With Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller


Remember the news that Facebook was banning white supremacists? Well, as I thought, they're not banning all of them. Instead, they're partnering with the ones who are a little more subtle. Guess what for!

Facebook teams with rightwing Daily Caller in factchecking program

The social network said Wednesday it had added, which is part of the Daily Caller, as one of its US media partners in an initiative that has faced growing backlash from journalists and internal problems. The collaboration was first reported by Axios. 
Factcheckers in the program are tasked with debunking potential false stories on Facebook to help stop their spread, but some journalists have said the effort hasn’t been effective, and one of its major American partners,, cut ties earlier this year.

The Daily Caller has brought us such hits as "this photo we stole from a sex worker is definitely Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez" and "George Soros controls all these voting machines but we're definitely not antisemitic," plus publishing multiple articles by the white supremacist behind the Charlottesville horror show that ended in the death of Heather Hayer. Not to mention selling its utterly gullible readers shit like a massage belt that promises to give you a six-pack.

They also publish every scare story about migrants that they can possibly dig up while ignoring the increasingly frequent stories about white domestic terrorists with plans to murder Democrats and people of color. And just the fact that Tucker "Defends Child Rape" Carlson is the founder and majority owner of the Daily Caller. Hey Facebook, are you also fans of child marriage and rape? Just wondering.

This is how white supremacy becomes mainstream. Fuckerberg will use to spread right-wing propaganda, and my money's on him launching his presidential campaign when the next Democrat is in the White House and running on white supremacist fearmongering about the increase of brown people and a new Red Scare. It's going to be ugly.

I really should ditch Facebook but honestly so many of my friends and family still use it to plan events that I feel like I'll end up completely socially isolated if I do. And I don't need any help in that respect.

I'm going to have to think on this.

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