Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Eat the Rich

"Eat the rich" is such an amazing rallying cry. It's so simple, and a much better example of "is it a joke or isn't it" humor than being racist and pretending it's a joke when people get pissed. It's also kind of a threat, but more of a warning about the inevitable consequences of the rich hoarding more and more resources.

If the rest of us run out of food, we can always eat the rich. And they couldn't stop us. Is that what you want, rich people, or do you want to share?

Anyway, anti-poverty activists did this:

Activists crash luxury pop-up restaurant near former homeless camp in Toronto

For a minimum of $550, guests at “Dinner With A View” enjoy a three-course meal prepared by former “Top Chef Canada” winner Rene Rodriguez, while seated in terrarium-like domes. The event is located in an area under the city’s Gardiner Expressway known as the “Bentway,” close to where city officials removed a large homeless encampment on March 13. 
The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) says it’s opposed to the heated, terrarium-like domes placed for diners near the area where homeless people were evicted after struggling to survive all winter. That’s why activists staged a free counter-event Friday called “Dinner With A View Of The Rich.”

The kind of luxury that the rich live in is absolutely obscene. This "pop-up" under a bridge that homeless people were recently evicted from is a perfect representation of the different worlds the rich and poor live in. Also, "evicting" homeless people from the places they've chosen to sleep after society failed them is obscene in itself. Homeless people actually have to sleep somewhere. They have to exist somewhere. But rich, entitled, and heartless assholes don't care what happens to these human beings as long as they're out of sight of their privileged eyes. They'd probably rather homeless people be dead.

And they'd be happy to get their cops to pull the trigger.

The pop-up was prepared for the protest by having police present and putting a tarp on their fence to hide the domes. Protesters destroyed the fence around the pop-up in an effort to expose the diners. Police patrolled the barrier and stopped anyone from trying to pull down the tarp, climb in or throw things into the event. 
Protesters yelled “shame on you” at every guest walking in or out of the pop-up event. They were also chanting, “eat the rich, feed the poor” and holding up signs that said things like “build shelter and social housing.”

They put up a tarp to hide their precious domes from view? Sounds more like they were trying to hide the protesters from the rich diners.

As one Tumblr user put it: "Just a very normal scene of police erecting barricades so the rich can eat peacefully under a highway surrounded by the poor."

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