Thursday, April 18, 2019

An Armed Militia Is Rounding Up Immigrants In The U.S. South

Antifa operatives have released a video of a large crowd of Latinx migrants being held at gunpoint by a U.S. militia group. The migrants can be seen nervously shuffling around with many children in the crowd. You can hear white voices order them about, first to stop and stay and then to move here and there in Spanish. It's dark and they're probably terrified. At one point the guy taking the video, presumably part of the militia, says "this is a brand new group invading the camp." At the end, the guy calls the "camp" "Camp Liberty," but it's hard to know if that is serious. He also tells someone to call "BP" and then says "there's no Border Patrol around here, it's just us."

Like Nikki says, the implications are terrifying. If we have fake border patrol militias running around, bold enough to do this, one of these days a similar situation will end in a bloodbath. They don't care about the humanity of the people they're condemning to indefinite incarceration and possibly family separation. They think of them as invaders.

Meanwhile, we're spending another $40 million for more "tent cities" (prison camps) as more migrants arrive and Border Patrol complains that their resources are "stretched thin."

Just let them come in and don't fucking arrest them then. Or process them and let them go because this country is absolutely not full, many communities are under-populated, and immigrants for the most part absolutely help our economy and make our country a better place. Have you noticed food prices going up again? I sure have.

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