Friday, April 12, 2019

Amazing Girls of Color

We've all seen the photo of the supermassive black hole by now, which exists because of Dr. Katie Bouman, the young woman who is a year younger than me. But have you heard about the eight-year-old Mexican girl who created a solar power panel using only recycled materials while living in an area with scarce resources?

8-year-old Mexican Girl Wins Nuclear Sciences Prize For Her Invention

At just 8 years old, Xóchitl has designed and constructed a solar-powered device to heat water, using only recycled materials, Cultura Colectiva reports. 
For many, this device may seem totally unnecessary.  But, in Xóchitl's community, where resources are scarce, "people don't have the money to buy heaters, so they chop down trees to get firewood [to heat the water]," says Xóchitl.

Could you imagine doing that at age eight? Can you imagine having to worry about hot water at age eight? So many of these stories are both heartwarming and sad, because clearly girls and women of color are brilliant and amazing, but it's also terrible that this little girl was so concerned about her family and neighbors being unable to get hot water and having to cut down trees because they're too poor to afford electric or gas heaters that she spent time she should have been spending playing and being a little girl inventing something that I would have zero clue how to go about putting together.

Anyway, Xóchitl Guadalupe Cruz is amazing, and my hero, and I hope the prize came with some money.

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