Monday, April 22, 2019

2020 Challenger Lineup: Amy Klobuchar

Oh boy, another moderate Democrat candidate! Or, on a global scale, another center-right candidate.

Also, yes, she is the one who has been accused of abuse by former staffers, going so far as to say she's "just like Trump." I'm sure that's an exaggeration, since she hasn't been caught on tape admitting to serial sexual assault and doesn't occasionally suggest just mowing down migrants with machine guns, but worker abuse is highly uncool.

I'm tempted to just give her a bad grade now and end the post, but I guess I'll look at her policy positions.

Klobuchar has said that she likes the idea of the Green New Deal but that it's "not realistic." Humanity surviving climate change if we don't do something drastic soon is also "not realistic" but whatever. She has also said that free four-year college is not realistic. How do other countries manage it, then? Magic? Also, she has not supported Medicare For All, instead saying we should go for a single payer option or something else less effective that would still leave millions without healthcare. But she does at least support the fight to lower prescription drug costs.

She is a former prosecutor who has been accused of taking a "tough on crime" approach. She increased her county's prison population during her term as county prosecutor in Minnesota.

She does support overturning Citizens United and implementing automatic voter registration. She also attempted to pass a bill that would have increased election transparency and address the role of social media companies in spreading election-related propaganda. The Senate killed it, of course.

On immigration, all Wikipedia says is that she "voted for the 2013 Senate immigration reform bill and still supports comprehensive immigration reform."

Klobuchar supports net neutrality and wants to increase U.S. cyber security. She seems like a typical neoliberal on foreign policy, expressing support for a strong military, as though it isn't strong enough already. She has also expressed concern about the national debt, which, whatever.

Her big issue is national infrastructure. She has a whole plan to fix the country up and promised to get it in motion in her first year as President. This includes getting an internet connection to every home in the country by 2022, building green infrastructure, and expanding public transportation. It's a good plan, though I would suspect it doesn't go far enough, but these are some important issues, especially as climate change-related storms get worse.

None of the above was padded with info from her campaign website because, like other candidates I'm not so keen on, said website does not contain any policy position information. All it gives you is a one-page statement about how Klobuchar's grandpa was a coal miner and can't we just stop all the fighting and gridlock?

Klobuchar has a loooooong voting record, possibly having passed the most legislation of any candidate. I don't know if this is good or not, but I feel like it only matters if the legislation she passed is good. Considering her positions, I'm guessing not so much. I'm not going to go through it all because I already know I'm not supporting her.

Amy Klobuchar gets a D+. She would have gotten a C- but I had to bump her down for being abusive. And actually, considering my stance on abusers, I should give her an F. And I might as well because there are so many better candidates ahead of her.

F, Amy Klobuchar. You're surely NOT as bad as Trump, who on this scale would get a Z-. But abuse of your staff is unacceptable and you're irrelevant in a crisis point era that calls for radical action, not moderate shrugs and conservative pandering.

Next week, I finally get to Bernie Sanders! His positions are pretty well known so I'll be spending more time digging into the controversies around him and the arguments as to why people are #NeverBernie. Should be fun/terrible.

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