Thursday, March 14, 2019

What Rape Culture?


You ever read a headline so awful it just takes the life right out of you? I feel like I could take a breath and unleash a sigh that lasted for an eternity and echoed into the corners of the universe and the vibration of it would shake loose the bonds of reality and all life would simply shatter at the atoms and I'd be glad for it.

Protests in Italy after men cleared of rape because woman ‘too masculine’ to be attractive

What exactly do we need to do to get it through the thick fucking skulls of assholes who for some reason get to have important jobs that rape has nothing to do with attraction? Why is the myth that rapists are just men who were overcome with desire so it's totally not their fault and they're the real victims of Hot Ladies still so pervasive? Do I need to crack open your actual skull, pry it apart and scream it directly into your brains?

In written notes on the case, they said they had drawn their conclusions from a photograph of the woman, and had taken into account the fact one of the defendants had registered her in his mobile under the nickname “Viking”.

And people still want to tell me that rape culture doesn't exist.

The only good news here is that this bullshit ruling was thrown out by a higher court and a retrial was ordered. But the rape culture ruling was made in 2017. For over a year, the victim had to live worrying that she would get no justice because some judges think she's ugly. What's even more baffling is that the three judges who made that shit ruling were all women. Never forget that women, especially privileged ones, are often eager to uphold rape culture as well. It's kind of sad but also can those judges be fucking fired right now? Immediately?

Rape culture is also pretty strong in Italy. And yes, it is because of the Catholic church. I'm not anti-religion but the Catholic church is s fucking disaster that Jesus would hate.

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