Monday, March 25, 2019

This Thread On The Mueller Report


It might make you feel better, it might make you feel worse, and it will remind you once again that shit is a lot more complicated than the news media makes it seem, especially when they're not actually educated in the thing they're reporting on.

This is a long thread. It's over 40 tweets in total. But it's important if you want to talk about the Mueller "report" at all.

This is why I put the word report in scare quotes:

Seth Abramson is an actual attorney who has done a LOT of research into all the various investigations going on around Trump and all the illegal shit he's done during and before his presidency.

Now, I want to make it clear that I am not an attorney or an expert on anything involved in these investigations. So I can't tell if Abramson is right or wrong here. But I tend to believe the people who say "this complex legal thing here is a lot more complex than the super simplified version the media is presenting" because it's usually true. Exceptions include rape cases and cases of black people being shot by cops, which the media want to make way more complex than necessary in order to obscure the truth and uphold rape culture/white supremacy. You know.

Anyway, I still think everyone should read this thread and generally refrain from putting too much stock in whatever it was that Mueller handed to Barr. I'm almost certain that it's not the whole story, and I'm looking forward to more indictments in the future, which will sting all the more after Republicans have all declared victory.

Keep fighting. Don't let anybody tell you that Trump has been exonerated and don't feel discouraged just because the media says it's over. It's not over.

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