Wednesday, March 27, 2019

RIP Amber Evans


It is truly terrifying how many black activists mysteriously turn up dead, and it goes without saying but obviously if these were white kids, people would be freaking out and demanding answers.'

Maybe you've heard that six young black men connected to the Ferguson protests have died under mysterious circumstances. Two were found burnt up in their cars with bullets in their heads. One was clearly lynched. Only one of them was probably a real suicide.

Now, a black Ohio-based social justice activist woman was found dead in a river after mysteriously disappearing in January.

Evans was a well-known community activist in the city, working with a variety of social justice organizations. Since 2015, she had worked with Juvenile Justice Coalition; she was promoted to executive director weeks before her disappearance. According to the Columbus Dispatch, Evans played a key role in organizing protests at Columbus City Hall; she was also “heavily involved” with the People’s Justice Project, a nonprofit dedicated to organizing working people and people of color across Columbus.

Police were treating her as a "distraught missing person" because of the domestic dispute, which sounds like a setup to declaring her death a suicide. But her mother is adamant that she was not distressed and would not have committed suicide. While I acknowledge that you never know a person's mind, this is all suspicious as fuck and it terrifies me.

Too many young black activists are dying. And if you know anything about the history of the assassination of black activists in the 60s, like for example how the U.S. government literally murdered Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and how the same government bombed entire buildings to get at other black activists, and how police used flimsy pretense to bust into the homes of Black Panthers and riddle everyone and everything they could with bullets, you should be terrified, too.

RIP Amber Evans. I hope your death was not for nothing.

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