Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Johnny Depp Stans Don't Interact

UPDATE 3/14/19: In spite of my EXPLICIT WARNINGS, I still had some fuckoff leave a comment taking everything Johnny Depp is claiming at face value and calling Amber Heard a liar. Heard ALSO claims to have lots of evidence and witnesses and presented them in court already. Why do you automatically believe the man and not the woman? How can I get through to your fucking brain?

I'm pissed about this and I'm going to write about it but I'm going to say it now - angry emails and comments defending Johnny Depp based on nothing but a letter from his lawyer and hearsay will be insta-deleted. Don't @ me, etc.

So last night, Johnny Depp was suddenly trending on Twitter. My immediate reaction was "what the fuck did he do now," and this is what he did.

It has been reported that the Pirates Of The Caribbean star is suing his ex-wife, Amber Heard for $50 million for defamation, after she alleged that he physically abused her during their marriage, according to documents obtained by The Blast on March 8.

Can you do that if the court case is already settled and you paid out? I mean I guess you can do anything if you're a rich white guy.

I don't know what the hell "The Blast" is. It looks like your run-of-the-mill celebrity gossip rag which I trust about as much as I trust Donald Trump. There's also some letter from his lawyer going around on Twitter in pieces with some parts underlined, likely with Microsoft Paint, because as we all know, that's how you make something super official and factual.

Listen. I'm perfectly aware that women can abuse men and that relationships can be mutually abusive. I'm willing to consider that Amber Heard may have hit Johnny Depp at some point or was even the primary abuser. What upsets me is how quickly so many people turned on Amber Heard because a lawyer wrote something on Depp's behalf saying "I didn't do it, she did!" and some rag is claiming to have a photo of Johnny Depp with a black eye, but instead it's a small bruise on the cheekbone area.

If it sounds like I'm skeptical it's only because this guy has a record of violent behavior going back to 1989 when he assaulted a security guard, long before he met Amber Heard. I'm also just pissed the fuck off that when Heard accused Depp of abuse, Twitter was full of people dripping skepticism or outright calling her a liar who just wanted attention and his money. Of course, most of the attention she got was incredibly negative thanks to all the people way too invested in their fandom of the guy who played the funny pirate, and she donated all the money she won from the case to domestic violence charities.

Now Johnny Depp is suing her for $50 million, claiming she was the abuser, and Twitter is flooded with people saying that anyone who called the man an abuser should be absolutely ashamed, that a simple apology is not enough, we DESTROYED his LIFE you guys, I mean he's still getting extremely high-profile work like the lead role in that Harry Potter spinoff and is still rich as fuck but PEOPLE SAID HE ABUSED AMBER HEARD HOLY SHIT WHAT COULD BE WORSE THAN THAT????

Seriously. The reaction has been fucking ri-di-cu-lous.

I get that it's hard when someone you were a fan of turns out to be an asshole. I was a big fan of Johnny Depp myself! His performance as Captain Jack Sparrow was iconic and there's no doubt he's an amazing actor. But can you please just do some self-examination and question why your reaction to Amber Heard's accusations was "eh she's probably lying for attention" while your reaction to the same accusation from Johnny Depp is "HIS LAWYER SAID IT SO IT'S DEFINITELY TRUE, ALL CRITICS OF JOHNNY DEPP MUST IMMEDIATELY FLOG THEMSELVES IN PENANCE."

First of all, chill. Second of all, you're a hypocrite who has been taken in by cultural misogyny that says women accusing men of abuse must be raked over the coals before we'll even consider believing them but we'll jump on the tiniest excuse to not while everything men say is immediately taken at face value.

Also, you're investing way too much of your sense of identity into a rich white man who doesn't know you, doesn't care about you, and will never do anything for you, and also has a long history of violence including attacking a crew member on set just last summer. He does not deserve the energy you're putting into defending him, but he is counting on it.

As news spread of gruesome images of the Oscar-nominated actor’s injuries and allegations against Amber, fans on Twitter rushed to apologize to Johnny for initially not believing his side of the story — and he’s beyond grateful for the support. “Johnny is overwhelmed by all the love and support he’s receiving from fans on Twitter,” a source shared with EXCLUSIVELY. “He is finally feeling vindicated after years of looking like the ‘bad guy’ and not believing his side of the story. Johnny never wanted to put Amber in a position to look like the aggressor, but he finally had enough and needed to reveal his truth. The fact that fans are now beginning to believe his account of what happened feels incredible and he’s more determined than ever to continue fighting for justice and redeem his reputation.”

Right, Johnny, because you totally didn't have your fans sitting in your corner the whole time, reassuring you that you still get to continue being rich and famous and waiting for the slightest excuse to come out swinging on your behalf. But you got some negative press and that's just the worst thing in the world, isn't it? Because you're not a bad guy, even if you have a history of violent assault which is undisputed but largely ignored.

And I could go all into the realities of domestic violence in which abusers often accidentally injure themselves in their rages, and in which victims will sometimes fight back, or that even in mutually abusive situations there is usually a primary aggressor and it's usually the man, and also men are way more likely to severely injure or kill their partners in a man-woman relationship. But I'm getting real tired of having to explain that to people who are way more invested in defending their fragile celebrity-based identities than facing reality.

So if that's your situation, don't comment. But also if that is your situation, you won't acknowledge it. Just know that rabid Johnny Depp defense will be deleted without being fully read because I'm too tired for your unoriginal bullshit.

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