Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Here's Fascism!

So, human beings are still being detained at the border and fucked with by ICE all the live long day. Remember all that? That's still happening. Kids, too. Yeah.

And now, the two-Trump-judge Supreme Court has ruled that the U.S. government can arrest and detain indefinitely without a bond hearing even months or years AFTER they were already released. So, at any time, even if they've already been through ICE fuckery and been released because they're clearly not fucking MS-13, they can again be arrested and detained at any time and are still not subjected to a right to a speedy trial. They can be scooped up and locked away for basically forever. So, undocumented immigrants have to also deal with that now, on top of everything else.

This is another Supreme Court decision denying basic rights to undocumented migrants. And bigots will argue that they don't get constitutional rights because they're not from the U.S. I say that indefinite detention is widely recognized as a practice of a fascist/authoritarian nation, a key step in the path to genocide, is the kind of thing condemned by the U.N., and also that if we consider the Bill of Rights to be "inalienable" and really believe in them as good things essential to democracy and justice, then we should believe in them enough to extend them to those who enter our country, especially desperate people fleeing their war-torn, poverty-stricken home countries which are that way BECAUSE OF THE U.S.

How close do we need to creep toward the genocide of our nation's immigrants? Before something real is done?

Release all immigrants and then burn down every immigrant detention center.

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