Friday, March 8, 2019

Give Your Money To Women

Today's a great day to remind everyone, especially men, that all this labor I do to deliver information and perspective based on my expertise is done free of charge. If you think I've seen even a single dollar from the Disqus ads, you are extremely wrong. There was a point at which I was hoping all the troll commenters would get me past the threshold for payout, but they've largely disappeared, so that will probably never happen.

Anyway, buy me a fucking coffee or something.

If you'd rather give your money to black women, trans women, sex workers, or other women more marginalized than I am, that's absolutely fine. Just take the time to hop on Twitter and go through the Happy International Women tag, where plenty of ladies are posting their donation links. Just give your money to women. The Democratic Party doesn't actually need another $5 from you. Give it to women.

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