Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Champion Cyclist Forced To Stop To Protect Man Cyclist Egos

I was going to not blog today because I've been having some serious sleep issues and I'm on my period and generally fuck you, but I saw this headline:

Woman cyclist forced to stop at side of road after she catches up with the men

And I had to fix it.

This is so funny.

Switzerland’s former national road champion cyclist Nicole Hanselmann took an early breakaway lead during the annual Omloop Het Nieuwsblad. Her big lead was too big it seems, as she was delayed once she caught up to the men’s field—that had started the race two minutes before the women. The Guardian reports that Hanselmann was asked to sit by the side of the road in order to “neutralise the women’s race in order to restore the gap between” the men and women’s groups.

They assumed no lady cyclists would be able to catch up with even the slowest men, right? And then rather than let her pass any of them, because that definitely would have completely demoralized every man cyclist she passed to the point that they would have just laid down in the middle of the road and wept in fetal position, they interrupted the entire women's race because of sexism.

Where it stops being funny is where you realize that stopping an entire race, and interrupting an early lead, can totally change the outcome of said race.

Race officials allowed Hanselmann a head start once they began, but unfortunately for Hanselmann, with some of her momentum gone she was caught and passed by the following cyclists, finishing 74th. She told Cycling News that she was happy with her overall performance, although she was a little bit sad, “because I was in a good mood and when the bunch sees you stopping, they just get a new motivation to catch you.”

Men ruin everything again.

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