Thursday, March 28, 2019

Alt-Right's "Baked Alaska" Quits The Alt-Right Over His Ruined Life

Some people are so strictly against doxxing and I do kind of understand, but on the other hand, how can you argue with these results?

Remember Baked Alaska, the alt-right memelord who got pepper-sprayed in Charlottesville and memorably cried out for milk? Now he tells me he’s ditching the alt-right, which he says has ruined his life.

Alaska — real name Timothy Gionet — called me last week from Phoenix, where he’s living after watching his internet fameball career crash and burn along with the rest of his racist movement.

“It’s been a pretty big disaster, to be honest,” Gionet said. “It’s been terrible for my employment opportunities, my reputation. It’s ruined lifelong friendships, it’s ruined relationships with family. It’s hurt my soul.”

You only have yourself to blame, Tim.

“I really thought this was just fun memes and jokes and edgy 4Chan posting and all this stuff, and then you get to the end of this rabbit hole and you realize these guys are serious,” Gionet said.

When did you realize this shit was serious, Tim? When you got pepper sprayed in the face for marching in a neo-nazi rally with a bunch of white dudes chanting "Jews will not replace us" with torches?

I don't believe for a second that this guy didn't know what he was getting into, but I do think that a lot of white dudes who are just everyday assholes do get sucked into the embarrassing 4chan edge meme fuck culture and are then indoctrinated into white nationalism because that's what that shit is for and people have been yelling about that for a long time.

Now Tim is "restyling" himself as an Andrew Yang supporter, so suffice it to say that Andrew Yang is canceled.

Keep ruining white supremacist lives, everybody!

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