Thursday, February 7, 2019

Republicans Freaking Out Hardcore Over Abortion

One of my favorite things about conservatives is that they like to pretend they're all about logic and not emotion, they don't get "triggered," they're not "snowflakes" who need "safe spaces." They don't use emotional appeals but rely on cold hard facts to make their points.

Until abortion comes up. Then all that shit is right out the window.

Conservatives have zero legs to stand on in the emotion vs. logic thing, bullshit though it is, because nothing is more based on emotion than the "pro-life" position. The entire thing was manufactured by the right in order to galvanize Christians to get into politics on their behalf. Not that long ago, it was kind of taboo for churches to get involved in politics. We used to take that whole separation of church and state thing seriously. Like, the whole country did, including Christian churches. They were against abortion on principle, but were essentially pro-choice. They were not about to try and influence the law and if someone outside of the church decided to get an abortion, that was really none of their business.

Flash forward to today and social media is full of anti-choicers desperately trying to make the lie that the New York bill supporting "late-term" abortions means literally killing babies who have already been born.

I don't actually recommend this at all, but if you search for "infanticide" on Twitter, you'll see what I mean.

What a great use of time and resources while the entire midwest is frozen solid.

For a feminist, I don't talk about abortion much. The reason for that is because it's already very well covered, I have nothing new to say on it after many years as a pro-choice feminist, and because there is even less of a chance than usual of convincing anti-choicers of anything or having anything resembling a productive discussion on it because their stance is rooted in "abortion murders babies." You can try to to explain the difference between an embryo and a baby, you can try to explain the importance of bodily autonomy, but you might as well be telling it to a brick wall.

But this new fervor over late-term abortions is so intense that Trump even exploited it in his SOTU address. We are also about to have to deal with the first abortion case in the Supreme Court since Brett "I'm A Rapist" Kavanaugh was confirmed. This will combine into a clusterfuck of right-wing lies, the biggest being that somehow the New York bill allows for "post-birth abortions." It doesn't, post-birth abortion is not a thing at all, and the New York bill literally only expands protections for people who are carrying non-viable fetuses and people who are likely to die if they give birth. The vast majority of these individuals want the child, and calling what they have to do "infanticide" only worsens an incredible trauma and tragedy.

But anti-choicers couldn't give a single fuck. I wish I could somehow get through to the majority of anti-choicers who are just people raised to be conservative Christians, basically brainwashes into it, that the public figures pushing this "post-birth abortion" lie absolutely know they're lying and are simply exploiting manufactured outrage for their own power. And many of them have probably either secretly had abortions or have pressured/paid for their partners/mistresses to have abortions.

But I've tried, and I can't.

I guess what I'm here to say is that A) I'm annoyed, B) Get ready for this to become a lot more annoying, and C) if some right-wing asshole ever claims to be a paragon of logic and that he wins whatever argument because you expressed a hint of emotion somewhere, just bring up abortion and watch him descend into screaming about baby murder.

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