Wednesday, February 13, 2019

People Are Getting Laid Off Because Capitalism Is Imploding


Good morning! It's your friendly neighborhood anti-capitalist here to explain to you how capitalism is the root of all your problems.

You might have heard recently about all the layoffs at large news media outlets like Buzzfeed and Vice, and most recently, at the recently-merged video game publisher Activision Blizzard. What you need to know about these layoffs is that they were not the result of these companies being in trouble or not being able to make profits. They were making plenty of money. But they weren't making enough money.

Jim Sterling has been talking about this in relation to Activision Blizzard and gaming companies a lot lately, and I see him getting to the root of the problem. He's incensed that companies are laying people off and pulling other bullshit like promoting loot boxes because they can't just make a profit. They have to promise shareholders extreme profits and when they inevitably fail to deliver, they have to do something drastic.

Shareholders and the stock market in general might seem like the root of the problem, but they are just another symptom. The real problem is that capitalism, by nature, has to keep growing. That's why big companies are constantly chasing bigger and bigger profits by merging, laying off, and relying on forms of online gambling to rake in ever more cash. They're compelled by capitalism. The problem is, of course, that we live in a finite planet with finite resources.

There's a book on capitalism that really opened my eyes on this. It's called Capitalism Must Die. I went into it thinking the title meant that we MUST destroy capitalism before such and such happens. By the end of the book, I understand that the real meaning of the title is that capitalist WILL die no matter what. Because capitalism has to keep growing. It has to make more and more profits. That's why the stock market even exists. Our finite planet ran out of real, tangible resources for capitalism to trade in and so an entire market of trading in imaginary money was born. And that market keeps demanding more and more and now we're seeing an increasing number of monopolies as companies rapidly merge.

The result is layoffs. The layoffs will get worse and worse until the economy won't be able to handle the amount of unemployed, poor people who can't afford to buy things like video games and will collapse and capitalism will implode entirely.

You can argue against the idea that capitalism is bad or that it will inevitably collapse but you can't argue with reality. Things keep getting worse and we are unable to reign it in anymore because the corporations are too big and too powerful and they will pay off politicians to allow them to do anything they want.

Can we end capitalism before the inevitable total collapse that will throw all of our lives into chaos? I honestly don't think we can. But capitalism must die. So if you're not going to become anti-capitalism, at least start stockpiling non-perishable food and other supplies. Happy Wednesday!

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