Friday, February 15, 2019

Meanwhile, ICE Still Needs To Be Abolished

Remember how Democrats backed off on the idea of abolishing ICE one (1) second after it became clear they got the House back? The agency is still being terrible.

You probably heard about rapper 21 Savage being arrested by ICE all of the sudden after his visa had been expired for years because he's actually from the U.K. The whole affair was fucked up. The fact that 21 Savage is black, an immigrant, and that just a single week before his arrest he ad-libbed lyrics criticizing Trump's immigration policy during a performance on the Tonight Show, combined with this interview with the man after he was released, paints a terrifying picture of the state of the country.

According to 21 Savage, ICE did not declare him under arrest, but said "we got Savage," suggesting that it was a targeted arrest rather than a random traffic stop. The artist believes that it was targeted.

So a public figure was probably arrested by ICE for criticizing immigration policy. Um.

Here's Fascism Part 2 for today? Absolutely.

At the same time, RAICES is down at the border interviewing incarcerated migrants through a chain-link fence because ICE won't let them in. They keep the lights on at all times, which is a torture technique. Illness is rampant and there is "no doctor."

Meanwhile, churches are desperately trying to save immigrants who have lived here for many years and literally done nothing wrong from deportation to dangerous countries where they will have nothing.

ICE is still out here being terrible, but abolish ICE isn't heard from Democrats anymore, is it?

Fuck ICE, fuck Republicans, fuck Democrats, and fuck fascism.

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