Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Intersex Woman Reveals Just How Sexist The Gaming Industry Is

Video game developers? Sexist? Noooooooo. Haha just kidding, I am one of the women who was driven away from the industry because of GamerGate and the way so many companies caved to the profoundly misogynistic "movement."

But serious props to this woman for speaking out on just how bad it still is. Delaney King is an intersex individual who recently transitioned from presenting male to presenting female. She recently described the stark difference in how she was treated by the industry on Twitter after transitioning.

So, yeah. Fuck the entire video game industry, fuck gamer dudes, and I'm glad I got the fuck out of that business and also it's your loss, video games. Not just me but so many other women out there could have made incredible contributions to the industry but you had to go and treat us like shit. Now you're in a slump and everybody hates every single AAA developer and publisher and you can't make enough money to ever satisfying your stockholders and you deserve all of it.

Also, Delaney King needs to eat, and obviously isn't make nearly as much money as she used to, so if you appreciate what she's doing which is likely to make it even harder for her to get work, you can donate!

She also has commissions open as an artist.

There's also a lot more to the thread which is great to read. She talks about being non-binary and intersex and directs people to another thread in which she explains what intersex means, in case you don't know.

She could also probably use some positive messages as she is, predictably, getting both sexist and intersexist abuse.

Anyway she's a hero.

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