Thursday, February 28, 2019

I'll Just Be Face Down on the Floor for the Rest of the Day


Amazon killed Seattle's homelessness-relief tax by threatening not to move into a massive new building, then they canceled the move anyway

After all that. I got called a Trump supporter for saying I didn't like my city being held hostage by Amazon because the future corporate overlord of Earth must be good for me because something something jobs.

Something I haven't talked about before is that I've had headhunters/staffing companies contact me to try and get me to apply for jobs with Amazon. I'm a writer with editing experience and Amazon needs plenty of that. I have former coworkers now working for Amazon. I could probably get a job there easy.

But I don't particularly want to work in a toxic, hypercompetitive environment that literally makes people want to jump off the roof. I get that feeling even in a regular office workplace. I know there are many people out there who don't have much of a choice, and I don't judge them. But don't try to tell us that Amazon jobs are good jobs. The good Amazon jobs are taken by white dudes often shipped in from out of state. The rest are either those horrific warehouse jobs or contract positions with zero benefits that don't pay nearly enough to allow you to live in Seattle. Fuck that. Hell, even capitalists have told me not to work at Amazon because the work environment notoriously sucks.

And now the fucking building that got the Seattle Shill Council to reverse the head tax that could have gotten us some FUCKING AFFORDABLE HOUSING.

Excuse me.

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