Friday, February 15, 2019

Here's Fascism!

Welp, here we are. Trump declared a national emergency just so he could force the government to build his wall. Because Congress refused to give him the funding for a wall across the entirety of the giant border between the U.S. and Mexico, he'll probably have to take funds out of disaster relief programs like those for Puerto Rico, which is still fucked, and out of funds to rebuild after hurricanes and fight wildfires, which get worse every year due to the climate change Trump is still denying.

This is one of those red lines that, when crossed, lurch us closer to a full, openly fascist state. Semi-reasonable people, including Democrats, have been warning that this will set a dangerous precedent. Pelosi even directly warned Trump that if he went forward with this shit, Democratic presidents in the future could declare national emergencies to fix actual problems in this country. Like gun violence.

That sent the right into a tizzy, oh yes.

Regardless, Trump did the thing. There will be national protests at noon on Monday, February 18, which I plan to attend. Meanwhile, there will be court challenges, though I'm nervous because of the current state of the Supreme Court, though I'm not sure if this case will get there or if it will need to or exactly how that works. It'll be interesting to see how this goes. I have read multiple times that Republicans have been warning/begging Trump against declaring a national emergency because it will go terribly for him. I hope they're right.

Meanwhile, let's talk about the state of the border, and the fate of the refugees/asylum-seekers there. Many of the people who walked here in the "caravans" have been trapped back in Mexico because for some reason Mexico agreed to hold these refugees on their side of the border. That is going terribly.

If you can't click through to Twitter to read the full thread, here is the rest of Commotion.World's report:

Police [h]arassment of families inside the camp has been continuous before this, according to #mutualaid teams and refugees who'd been based there. Yesterday, firefighters at the station next door refused to come put the fire out.  Cops crammed 75 #refugees from the camp into three vans to take them away. Cops seized the water tanks #refugees used at the camp. Some inhabitants are refusing to disperse.  One said: "We began this together. We will be here until the end, together." They - #refugees deprived of clean water and subject constant police violence - are the targets of Trump's #NationalEmergency.  We need to #blockthewall and support vulnerable people, regardless of their citizenship papers.

Human rights violations? In Mexico? I have a question for all the people who said that the refugees of the "caravans" should just stay in Mexico since the country offered them asylum, and said that's what they would do if they had been in that situation. Y'all like having your meager belongings stolen and burned, then being thrown into a police van with 24 other people and being taken away to somewhere who knows while your family is left with no clean water?

I'm waiting for your answer.

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