Friday, February 8, 2019

Fox News Blames Schools Teaching Fairness For Popularity Of AOC's Tax Plan

Nothing in that headline is exaggerated. It's completely accurate.

Fox News Laments That Schoolchildren Are Being Taught Fairness

So what happened is that during some Fox News segment where they were complaining about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's suggested 70% marginal tax rate on earnings above $10 million, they brought up a poll that seemed to catch them off guard. Because it showed that 70% of people polled are in favor of this plan. And 65% are for increasing taxes on earnings over $1 million.

This is a Fox News poll, by the way, which means that most of the people responding were regular Fox News viewers. I'm sure Fox put out that poll expecting a very different result and I'm surprised they didn't try to bury it. Instead, they opted for the route of... bashing the very idea of fairness?

“The idea of fairness has been promoted in our schools for a long time,” Payne explained. “We’re starting to see kids who grew up with this nothing of fairness above all. Now they’re becoming voting age, and they’re bringing this ideology with them.”

I mean, coming from anything but Fox News, this would sound like a positive thing. But this is coming from a Fox News pundit. I'm tempted to seek out a full video of the segment because like, where were you going with that? There are only two options here. Fox News is having to come to terms with the fact that taking earnings above more money than anyone would ever need to live comfortably is fair, or they're hating on the idea of fairness.

Remember when their slogan was "fair and balanced"? I guess they ditched that for a reason.

I'm honestly a little excited for the incoming meltdowns about socialism as conservatives begin to realize just how popular it is with younger generations. Not to mention communism and anarchism. They're going to lose their minds and I'm like

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