Thursday, February 21, 2019

Cops Love White Supremacists

Another thing that's been in the news this week but that also keeps developing is the fact that it appears a police lieutenant in Portland has been real buddy-buddy with Patriot Prayer, the far-right group that holds demonstrations up and down the Pacific Northwest whining that the left is oppressing them and then instigating fights with antifa or just attacking random peaceful protesters, typically via their close friends, the violent chauvinist group the Proud Boys.

The messages, first reported by Willamette Week, show police Lt. Jeff Niiya keeping in regular contact with Joey Gibson, leader of the violent far-right group Patriot Prayer. Police sometimes communicate with groups like Patriot Prayer that host regular demonstrations, but Niiya’s messages with Gibson suggest a friendly relationship. The lieutenant is seen passing Gibson information about leftist protests, and counseling Gibson on how to prevent one notoriously violent fighter’s arrest.

I know getting cops fired is next to impossible even when they straight up murder someone but in any kind of sense-making world this would be seriously against police policy. It's bad enough to give a violent group intel about their opponents, especially considering the fact that Patriot Prayer and their associates have put people in the hospital and even killed people. That guy who stabbed and killed multiple people on the bus in Portland? He was with Patriot Prayer.

But he's even giving them tips on how to brawl, which cops are supposed to be against (lol), and avoid getting arrested?

Is it still hard to swallow the "cops love white supremacists pill?

“BTW, make sure Tiny has his court stuff taken care of,” Niiya texted Gibson in December 2017, according to messages released by Portland police. “I was told on the radio at the Jamison Sq event he had a warrant. I told them we would not be arresting Tiny right now. So please be sure he’s good to go before coming down.”

"Tiny" is the nickname of the leader of Patriot Prayer, full name Tusitala Toese.

I've been saying for years that the police have been protecting Patriot Prayer and other white supremacist groups during protest/counter-protest events. Police say they're just trying to keep groups separated, but routinely stand with their backs to the white supremacists and face their bodies and riot gear and weapons toward leftists and the common people who don't want violent white supremacists around. We're the ones who get hit with flash bang and smoke grenades, pepper spray, and batons. Then once the white supremacists pretend to leave, police escort them away or just conveniently disappear so that Proud Boys can swoop down into groups of leftists or general counter-protesters to attack them. Then the antifa who defend the nonviolent protesters get arrested after the assaults occur and Proud Boys get to walk away free.

This has happened in Seattle time and time again. I've seen it.

Now we have proof that cops work directly with these violent white supremacists/chauvinists. Portland PD has announced an internal investigation, but we all know how that usually goes. Meanwhile, the police union is claiming that communications with Patriot Prayer prevented violence. If that's the case, why not do the same with the left? HMMMMMM.

In the PPA letter to its members, Turner wrote that "My experience is that those familiar with law enforcement recognize that Lt. Niiya was performing his duties according to not only PPB protocol but also according to best practices used by police agencies nationwide for the safety and protection of those involved in protests and free speech events."

I wouldn't be surprised at all if Niiya WAS working within Portland police protocol, becaaaaaause...


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