Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Amazing Women of Color

While the President of the U.S. is busy going into full denial mode about his humiliating loss on the border wall in spite of all his efforts to paint all Latinx people as criminals who are coming to invade our jobs and tie up our women, a Mexican woman and her team of Latinx scientists developed a treatment that eliminates HPV in people who have already been infected, therefore eliminating their risk of developing cervical cancer and stopping the spread of the virus.

Eva Ramón Gallegos was able to use non-invasive photodynamic therapy (PDT) to eradicate the virus in 29 patients who had been infected. This is not a "cure" for HPV as some headlines suggest, but it's very important research that will certainly help lessen and someday end the threat of HPV strains that can lead to cervical cancer. They even found that 64.3% of women with HPV who had already developed pre-malignant lesions were also cured of HPV with this therapy. I'm not sure if that means the risk of cervical cancer in those particular women is reduced or reversed or what, but it sounds pretty freaking cool.

Thank fuck for Mexican women working to cure the diseases that the U.S. won't cure anymore because cures aren't profitable. Thank fuck for women of color.

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