Monday, February 11, 2019

2020 Challenger Lineup: John Delaney

I've already written a couple screeds begging people on the left (by U.S. standards lol) to chill out and let people examine and critique Democrats running for president for 2020 at least until a Democratic nominee is officially chosen in 2020, and I figure it's probably fair (and a better use of my time) to actually write up a summary of each candidate looking at their qualifications, records, and positions. This will help me decide who to support and might help some others as well.

I figured I'd go in order of who declared their candidacy first. You might be saying "John Who?" and for good reason. Delaney declared his candidacy back in fucking 2017. July 2017.

John Delaney was a Representative for Maryland's 6th district from 2013 to January 3, 2019. It looks like he didn't bother to run for anything in 2018 because he's focused on his presidential campaign. Before entering politics, he co-founded two lending companies, which, ew.

During his time as a Representative, Delaney introduced legislation to fight against gerrymandering and make Election Day a federal holiday. He earned a 100/100 from the Human Rights Campaign for his support of LGBT rights. He also sponsored bills to allow more veterans to get paid medical leave, two bills to fund improving infrastructure, and a bill "that would extend coverage of medical foods, vitamins, and amino acids to those with metabolic disorders" via Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP.

These are all good things in my book. He also wanted to raise the corporate tax rate to 23% to pay for those infrastructure improvements.

He sounds like a moderate, and according to Wikipedia is often called one. Here's what Delaney has to say about himself:

People have a hard time labeling me. Some of the things they hear me talking about are on the total progressive or liberal end of the spectrum, and in other ways I'm kind of a solutions-oriented moderate who wants to get things done.

According to his Delaney for President website, he is into "unity" between progressives, moderates, and disaffected Republicans. He says something about making better jobs, which sounds like he at least understands that the low unemployment rate in the U.S. right now doesn't mean things are good.

His third platform is "security" which, ugh.

He then lists "justice" and says he wants to "fix some fundamentally flawed institutions—education, health care, the criminal justice system, infrastructure, retirement security." He cites the American Dream, which suggests he doesn't get that the very concept is bullshit.

You can view his full voting record here. Notably, he voted against that bullshit bill to redefine "crimes of violence." BUT he voted yes on the "Protect and Serve Act," which "Requires a sentence of up to 10 years in prison for an individual found to have knowingly caused serious bodily harm or injury to a law enforcement officer or attempted to do so." That bill passed with flying colors, by the way. He also seems to have voted against multiple department transparency acts, which raises a red flag.

He and also everyone else voted yes on funding to put more cops in schools. He also looks to have consistently voted against anti-choice and anti-immigrant legislation. He voted against the "Thin Blue Line" act which imposes the death penalty for attempted murder of a cop. That also passed, holy shit.

He voted against approving the Keystone XL pipeline multiple times. He voted against a bill prohibiting the U.S. from providing weapons to Syria. He voted yes on the USA FREEDOM Act of 2015 that continued a lot of the bullshit from the Patriot Act. He voted to reauthorize VAWA in 2013.

PLEASE keep in mind if you're looking through his voting record that the names of bills can be very misleading. Some of these bills do the exact opposite of what the name implies. Click on them to read a summary of what they're really about.

Looking for racism in Delaney's past, I only found that he's joined the call for the governor of Virginia to resign after the blackface thing. Nothing on homophobia, transphobia, or misogyny. Doesn't mean it doesn't exist, but nothing immediately came up and I don't have all day.

John Delaney is definitely a capitalist, unsurprisingly.

Mr Delaney said his politics was based on “simultaneously celebrating the power of our free-market economy while insisting that there is a role for government to set goals and rules of the road and take care of those who are left behind.”

Overall, I give John Delaney a solid "meh" as a Democratic candidate. Maybe a C+ or B-. He is, for the most part, your average white male Democrat, with some bonus points for supporting gay rights and sometimes voting against ridiculous cop worship bills. But unless he does something drastic, it's extremely unlikely that I will support him for the nomination.

Tune in next Monday for my overview of Tulsi Gabbard.

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