Friday, January 25, 2019

This is the Worst Thing I've Read in a While and That's Saying Something


I don't know how much more awful I can fit into my head at one time before I just slip into a coma but apparently a school nurse and assistant principal strip-searched four black 12-year-old girls because they were giddy and hyper during lunch. You know. LIKE 12-YEAR-OLDS.

I guess if you're black and on a sugar high, that must mean you're on drugs. I dunno, sounds to me like an excuse for a couple pedophiles to sexually abuse little girls.

Of course, the school is denying this, but sexual abusers never admit to their crimes.

New York Middle School Denies It Conducted Strip Search on Four 12-Year-Old Black Girls

Even if they didn't strip-search the girls, and to be clear I 100% believe the girls, it's still utterly fucked up to take them out of lunch and question them on suspicion that they were high just because they were giddy. Giddy as schoolgirls, you might say. It's also fucked up for any schools to allow the strip-searching of children under any circumstances. That's just asking for pedophiles to make up an exigent circumstance so they can strip-search a child. Make strip-searching children illegal, no exception.

Also, stop accosting black kids for having fun before I punch you right in the face. I'm still recovering from the flu so I'm cranky and uncreative.

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