Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Government Shutdown Might Not End. It Might Be The End.

As the government shutdown drags on and Trump not only refuses to give up his monument to racism (which is all that it is, walls don't work to stop migration, drugs, crime, etc.) but presents "deals" that are wall + a bunch of other shitty stuff that Democrats will not want, I am getting the sneaking suspicion that this shutdown was planned and that the wall is a red herring.

I'm running a low fever and this might sound like some serious alarmist shit so I'm just going to direct you to this amazing podcast I recently came upon called Gaslit Nation and the incredible women responsible for it, including one Sarah Kendzior.

I have a concern.

I just finally got myself settled into freelance writing work that can fully support me, too. I swear every day it gets harder not to vocally respond to every bit of news about Trump and Mitch McConnell with "SOMEBODY TAKE THE SHOT."

It might take a serious national strike action in order to save us from fascism at this point. Thankfully I hear federal workers are organizing just that. Get ready.

For now, I'm going back to bed.

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